Bulk Caramel for Caramel Apples

***Daffy Farms All Natural Dipping Caramel with Non-GMO Corn Syrup is now available!***
With the same hold power and homemade caramel taste, but without preservatives, trans fats, and artificial colors, Daffy Farms All Natural Dipping Caramel is the cleanest label caramel out there!

Daffy Apple Traditional Dipping Caramel and Daffy Apple Red Candy Dipping Caramel are available in bulk in a variety of sizes. Our 60+ year old secret recipe caramel is perfectly formulated for caramel apples but also great for baked goods and as a caramel for use in other candy and confectionery products.

For guidance, check out How to Make a Daffy Apple Caramel Apple on YouTube and the Daffy Apple Caramel Heating Instructions.